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Helping New Mothers

Deb_Doula Services

When the COVID-19 global pandemic struck, The Up Center responded immediately, taking on innovative services and leading the way in the use of telehealth in all our programs and services. Recognizing a lack of resources for expecting mothers during the pandemic, The Up Center developed a prenatal wellness program utilizing a Doula.

Deborah Carlos, The Up Center’s Doula, certifying through DONA International, provides educational, emotional and physical support to women in labor.

What kind of services does a doula provide and who can be assisted by a doula?
Doulas provide prenatal and continuous labor support, as well as postpartum support, and can be hired by any birthing woman and her partner.

Why might someone benefit from having a doula?
Doulas lower the risk of c-sections, as well as the use of medications that are needed during labor. They also improve the overall birth experience.

What are common misconceptions about doulas?
Doulas are not midwives. Doulas are there to help women through their journey of labor and delivery, but do not deliver the baby firsthand. Doulas also do not take over the role of the partner. Lastly, doulas do not only assist women who are having unmedicated births. Doulas also support women who are having medicated, unmedicated or c-section births.

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