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Mentees Become Mentors


Taariq Brown, the oldest of 8 children, was very much in charge of his family when we met him in 2014 and needed a positive male presence in his life. He was matched with Elihu Jones for almost three years before aging out of the program in 2017. Elihu earned Taariq’s trust and respect, forming the trusted friendship they have now.

The Youth Advocates for Mentoring Program is a 10-month advocacy, policy, and grassroots organizing training program that provides 12 young people ages 16 to 24 with the real life skills they need to communicate with elected officials, address issues in their communities, empower their peers into action, and become leaders. Elihu knew that Taariq would be a good fit for the program and recommended him.

Now 21 years old, Taariq was selected out of thousands of applicants and will attend the 10-month program, consisting of virtual trainings and in-person trips to Washington D.C. Taariq will receive access to advocacy professionals as well as a $1,000 stipend for successfully participating in the program. Congratulations Taariq!

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