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Behavioral Aid Form

Behavioral Aide and Parent Family Mentoring Services are typically funded through a Purchase Order obtained from a community resource such as a Community Services Board or Department of Human/Social Services (usually through the FAPT process and/or CSA Funding). These are not Medicaid funded services, therefore funding must be obtained prior to services beginning.
Behavioral Aid Criteria:
  • Youth has a mental health, behavioral, and/or educational challenge which causes significant concerns in the home, school, and/or community.
  • Youth would benefit from one on one training in social skills, interpersonal skills, educational skills, community integration, and/or communication skills.
Parent Family Mentoring Criteria:
  • This service is designed for families in need of additional parental support and skills training to learn and utilize more effective ways to manage challenges occurring in the home. Family members are required to participate in individual and family sessions depending on the specific needs of the family.
  • The family must also be open to sessions focused on psychoeducation related to the presenting concerns within the family. For example, sessions may focus on understanding trauma, attachment, brain development, mental health diagnoses, communication styles, the impact of family roles & dynamics, etc.
To refer youth or a family who meet the above criteria, please complete the following info:

Referral Information

Family and Guardian Details