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How to Become a Military Foster Parent in Norfolk: A Guide for Hampton Roads

Happy military foster family, mom, dad, and daughter, How to become a foster family while in the Military in Norfolk, Hampton Roads

By Sabrina Carr


In the heart of Hampton Roads, the opportunity to become a foster parent is open to all service members. Dispelling common myths, being active in the military or having a spouse who serves does not disqualify you from opening your home to foster children. Military families can become great foster families! If becoming a foster parent is something you have discussed, our team is here to help!  


Military families in Norfolk and the broader Hampton Roads area share a common desire with civilians: to provide nurturing care to children and youth, from newborns to 18-year-olds. The licensing process for military foster parents mirrors that of civilian families, requiring applicants aged 25 and older to undergo background checks, participate in training classes, and complete home study interviews with our supportive team members.


A unique consideration for military foster parents and military foster families is their tenure in the Hampton Roads region. We prioritize military families with at least one to two years remaining on their current assignments to ensure stability during the foster period. While military relocations and deployments are realities, our program is designed to accommodate these challenges, ensuring that military families ready to foster have the support they need without imminent moves.

Military kids running to their dad

Transitioning to Hampton Roads: Embracing the challenges of deployment and relocation


If you began your journey as a military foster parent in another state, it’s important to recognize that transitioning to foster care in Hampton Roads may involve navigating different state laws and regulations. For military families moving out of state or beyond Hampton Roads, continuity of foster care may require additional steps, such as repeating training and background checks. Rest assured, our team is committed to facilitating a smooth transition and minimizing any disruptions.


Become a military foster family and embrace fostering in our community


Join the supportive network of military foster parents in Hampton Roads. With access to the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic, our team is here to offer support of all kinds. Our team is here to guide military parents through the rewarding path of foster care, offering military counseling and assistance every step of the way. Let us help you make a profound impact on the lives of children in need while you serve our country.


Contact us to get started on your journey to becoming a military foster family!

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